The 2012 Concert featured the following pieces…

Somewhat Restless - Brian Crabtree
Stone and Whispering Pages - Kelley Donovan
Tapestry - Margot Parsons
"i know you are, but what am i?" - Brian Crabtree
Duet for Ruby Margot Parsons
Eva and Emmy - Gabrielle Orcha
"preceding or following a direction, songlike and flowing" - Lorraine Chapman

Somewhat Restless - Brian Crabtree


DANCERS Eliza Mallouk, Marcie Mitler

MUSIC Bombay Bicycle Club — “Leave It”

This little dance was made specifically for the two women dancing it. I wanted the material to stay simple, but have a “build” that reflected the nervous energy of the song. The vignettes based on pushing and pulling add to the flow, and of course, create a relationship that is...somewhat restless.

Stone and Whispering - Kelley Donovan

CHOREOGRAPHY Kelley Donovan & Dancers

DANCERS Karen Klein, Kelley Donovan, Hannah Lopez, Cathy Rowe, Jacqueline Bertini, Yenkuei Chuang, Kiersten and Corleigh O’Connell

MUSIC John Cage — “My Fun”

Working from a finite vocabulary of movement and concentrating on the development of this vocabulary we will explore a kind of visceral thread that runs throughout the work. Spatial designs will be explored as the complexity of the dance unfolds, material will appear and reappear, be altered and transformed as the context changes and evolves.

Tapestry - Margot Parsons


DANCERS Connie Blumenthal, Nicole DeVicci, Jacqueline Flynn, Daisy Giunta, Anna Kharaz, Lia Gaynor, Sara Laprey, Eliza Mallouk, Marcie Mitler, Marin Orlosky-Randow, Adeline Um

MUSIC  Dmitri Shostakovich — String Quartet No. 7 in F sharp minor op 108

In this abstract narrative dance, generations intersect, overlap, and interact in differing responses to the same movement that in the end makes a supportive collective whole.

"i know you are, but what am I?" - Brian Crabtree

CHOREOGRAPHY  Brian Crabtree. Inspired by the improvisations of Emily, Katrina and Carl.


part one: Yenkuei Chuang, Joelle Garfi (films of Emily and Katrina in the kitchen)

part two: Brian Crabtree, Alison Ball (films of Carl dancing in the kitchen)

MUSIC The Cinematic Orchestra — part one “Into You”; part two “Ma Fleur”

With this project, my original idea, to make a dance with performers I knew and their children, shifted and settled over the course of a long thought process. I decided not to include the children as a “live” component because I didn’t want them tied down to rehearsals. The next step was to get an “unharnessed” version of how they liked to move. I asked the mothers to film them dancing in a space where they were comfortable with no restrictions on what they could do. Then came watching the films and trying to decipher and filter their wildness through the somewhat more “serious” and trained bodies of the adult dancers. Verbatim versions of their sequences are stitched together with parts of phrases that I made that were inspired by them. The goal was to honor the complexity and goofiness of their moves, and to challenge myself to make dances that don’t look like mine.

Duet For Ruby - Margot Parsons


DANCERS Daisy Giunta, Ruby Giunta

MUSIC Antonio Vivaldi — Concerto in C, Minuetto

This dance is in response to the gratitude and love I feel for having Daisy and her six-year-old daughter in my life and for the love for dance that Daisy is passing on to her child.

Eva and Emmy - Gabrielle Orcha

CHOREOGRAPHY Gabrielle Orcha

Eva: Anja Morahn, Aiko Callahan, Yenkuei Chuang, Eliza Mallouk, Joan Green
Emmy: Sabrina Stephens, Erinn Mandeville, Edie Hettinger, Marcie Mitler

MUSIC  K. Lane Eaton — excerpts from the original score “Eva and Emmy”

Sound engineering by Andy Reiner, Fiddle Barn Productions

MUSICIANS  Anya Shemetieva, violin I; Jessica Berberaggi, violin II; Melissa Knorr, viola; Simon Linn-Gerstein, cello

Eva and Emmy is a story of exquisite friendship … through the ages. Two young girls meet and become fast friends, best friends, kindred spirits who share in one another’s great, life challenges and celebrations: weddings, births, divorce, diagnosis and… death. This is a memory dance. A love dance. A tribute to the dear one who will always be a presence in our lives.

"preceding or following a direction, songlike and flowing" - Lorraine Chapman

CHOREOGRAPHY Lorraine Chapman

Created with movement phrases by Chapman, Annette Demby, Emily Jerant-Hendrickson, Lucy Warren-Whitman and Andy Taylor-Blenis

DANCERS Lorraine Chapman, Annette Demby, Emily Jerant-Hendrickson, Lucy Warren-Whitman

MUSIC Ludwig Van Beethoven — Symphony no. 9 in D minor, op. 125, Adagio molto e cantabile

I was inspired by how we all, no matter what paths we take, are heading in the same direction toward that final ascension — that moment where we leave our physical bodies behind and continue our journey into the unknown. I was also inspired by Annette, who I met and danced with at a Liz Lerman workshop. We all used one of Ms. Lerman’s composition exercises to create the movement phrases in this piece.