2016 | Honor

The 2016 Concert featured the following pieces…

From The Beginning (film) - Deborah Greenhut
Testing The WatersErica Schwartz
The Dancing GroundWilliam Evans
What Falls Must RiseErica Schwartz
Deep RelaxationRuth Benson Levin
The Me I Didn’t KnowYo-El Cassell
Poetic WaltzesIvaylo Alexiev
Liberty BellesLynn Modell  

Testing the Waters - Erica Schwartz

CHOREOGRAPHY Erica Schwartz 

DANCERS Ariel Arias and Tony Tucker 

MUSIC René Aubry

The Dancing Ground - William Evans

CHOREOGRAPHY William “Bill” Evans, with creative contributions from each of the performers 

DANCERS Audrey Albert-King, Erik Brown, Amy Caine, Fernadina Chang, Eleanor Duckworth, Edie Hettinger, Karen Klein, Rozann Kraus, Eliza Mallouk 

MUSIC Tanya Gerard and Rob Thomas

The dancing ground is a sacred place where we dance because “we always have,” to recognize and celebrate the profound events and values of our community. Dance is an expression of the human spirit. 

What Falls Must Rise - Erica Schwartz

CHOREOGRAPHY Erica Schwartz 

DANCERS Tslila Goldstein, Li-Ann Lim, Stephanie Moy, Avery Saulnier de Reyes 

MUSIC Colin Jacobsen, Mason Bates, Matt Haimovitz, Hilary Hahn, Cory Smythe, Max Richter, Kate Heath, Kirsteen Davidson Kelly

We fall and we get up, surrounding ourselves with women of strength and compassion.

Deep Relaxation - Ruth Benson Levin

CHOREOGRAPHY Ruth Benson Levin 

DANCERS Emily Bloomenthal, Amy Caine, Debra Candreva, Eliza Mallouk, Kristen Palma 

MUSIC The Honest Guys

I am a big fan of guided meditation. Getting to that point of total body and mind relaxation is definitely worth the trip. I highly recommend it.

The Me I Didn't Know - Yo-El Cassell

Dedicated to Keaton James Cassell 

CHOREOGRAPHY Yo-El Cassell in collaboration with the artists 

DANCERS Avery Bargar,* Erik Brown,* Jesse Garlick,* Kinsead James, Adam Lokken Barrameda, Juan Rodriguez,* Jacob Rosenbaum* 

MUSIC Fancy Free, Leonard Bernstein; Variation I, III, Finale 

*Founding Member of 360, a newly formed physical theater movement ensemble whose mission is to highlight the expressive channel of predominantly male actors with strong movement, theater, and musical backgrounds. 

MOVEMENT i Before 

MOVEMENT ii The Discovery 


“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” —Ralph Ellison

Poetic Waltzes - Ivaylo Alexiev

CHOREOGRAPHY Ivaylo Alexiev 

DANCERS Erik Brown, Debra Candreva, Edie Hettinger, Carolyn Jepsen, Karen Klein, Rozann Kraus, Li-Ann Lim, Eliza Mallouk, Constance Waverly 

MUSIC Giacomo Puccini and Enrique Granados

“Emotions are wild horses. It is not explanations that carry us forward, but our will to go on. You start living for the obsession alone...You want to arrive somewhere regardless of whether you’re enjoying the road or not.” —Paolo Coelho 

Liberty Belles - Lynn Modell


DANCERS Ann Brown Allen, Renée Caso, Yael Evelyn, Ann Fonte, Lynn Modell, Cheri Opperman, Elaine Shannon, Reisa Sperling 

MUSIC George Frederic Handel, Parov Stelar

“A good education is usually harmful to a dancer. A good calf is better than a good head.” — Agnes de Mille

Our 2016 season had 30 dancers ranging in age from 10-85.

Videos by Jamee Culbertson