The 2013 Concert featured the following pieces…

Betwixt Us - Margot Parsons
Braiding - Kathy Hassinger 
Experiment #6 - Adriane Brayton
Across the Doorsill - Jody Weber
Past and Future Preludes - Peter DiMuro
Rotary - Susan Seidman

Betwixt Us - Margot Parsons


DANCERS Daisy Giunta, Ruby Giunta

MUSIC Mendelssohn: Songs Without Words Op.19 No 1 in E major

PIANIST Lia Kaynor

Generations come together: a mother and her seven-year old daughter dancing together,
accompanied by an incoming freshman at Harvard.

Braiding - Kathy Hassinger

CHOREOGRAPHY Kathy Hassinger, in collaboration with the dancers

DANCERS Jennifer Burpee, Whitney Cover, Eleanor Duckworth, Jackie Flynn, Sarah Josselyn, Sara Lapery, Eliza Mallouk, Marcie Mitler, Alison Ryan, Kai Sherman

MUSIC Camille Saint-Saëns: Fantaisie, Op. 124

Like a forest in the sunshine, this piece has grown organically from a passion for dance
and its connection to the same in others.

Experiment #6 - Adriane Brayton

CHOREOGRAPHY Adriane Brayton

DANCERS Fernadina Chan, Joe Gonzales

MUSIC Lemon Jelly: Experiment No. 6

Each dancer brings their unique body experience and wisdom into the studio. Drawing from the dancers body histories and movement preferences, phrase work unfolds expressing the dynamic of these two distinct movers. Experiment No. 6 explores the elements of theme and variation, rhythm, and friendly interplay of two different bodies moving in space.

Across The Doorsill - Jody Weber


DANCERS Joan Green, Maggie Husak, Eliza Mallouk, Marcie Mitler, Jennifer Roberts

MUSIC Michael Wall, Marcelo Zarvos

TEXT Rumi, Jeannette Winterson

Across the doorsill is the result of moments that shift one’s perspective or experience of both the internal and external world permanently — the new path — the surprising or unexpected journey.

Past and Future Preludes - Peter DiMuro

CHOREOGRAPHY Peter DiMuro, in collaboration with the dancers

DANCERS Ann Abbott Fontaine, Ann Brown Allen, Dianna Daly, Eleanor Duckworth, Jackie Flynn, Edie Hettinger, Karen Klein, Sara Lapery, Eliza Mallouk, Marcie Mitler, Marin Orlosky-Randow, Alison Ryan

MUSIC Sergei Rachmaninov

Past And Future Preludes is a companion work to Future Preludes, that utilizes all of Rachmaninov’s Preludes premiering in late June at Dance Place, Washington, DC. Common between the two works is the sourcing of “other”: in Washington, collaborations among genres of dance as diverse as Hip Hop and Hula; in Boston, the dialogue among an inter-generational cast of women.

ATAD 2013 Videos by Jim McCalmont.