2019 | Lineage


The 2019 Concert featured the following pieces…

Power to the Girl - Meghan McLyman
Axis of Lineage: Geometry of Geography- Liana Percoco
”You’'ll Never Know Dear…” - Audra Carabetta
Parallel Positions - Brian Feigenbaum
Neither Here Nor There - Joanie Block
Signs Point to Yes - The Davis Sisters (Alexander and Joy Davis)
Dance Halls - The Wondertwins (Billy & Bobby McClain)

Expressions of Tradition and Aspiration

This year’s dynamic cast of deeply thoughtful choreographers explores the intricate and delicate transfer of ritual, tradition and culture.  Choreographers and dancers grapple with the line – their heritage, the paths they were encouraged to follow, and the lines they dared to cross. In total we have 40 dancers participating this season, ranging in age from 7- 83! We invite you to join us for ACROSS THE AGES this year, where past and present, memory, dream and journey collide.