2014 | Point of Change

The 2014 Concert featured the following pieces…

Take My Hand - Audra Carabetta
Outside Looking In - Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp
Struggles for Social Change - (1) Tony Tucker, (2) Tarikh Campbell, (3) Sean Bjerke
I [yi] - Fernadina Chan
The Song of Feet - Ruth Benson Levin

Take My Hand - Audra Carabetta

CHOREOGRAPHY Audra Carabetta

DANCERS Janet Blackman, Marric Buessing, Jennifer Burpee, Amy Constantino, Eleanor Duckworth, Ann Fonte-Abbott, Sarah Klyap, Audrey MacLean, Eliza Mallouk, Marcie Mitler

MUSIC Zoe Keating

A special thanks to my beautiful dancers for all of their creative input and inspiration!

“To My Children:
When my legs are tired and it’s hard to stand
Or walk the steady pace that I would like to do,
Please take me carefully by my hand,
And guide me now as I once did for you.”

Outside Looking In - Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp

CHOREOGRAPHY Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp in collaboration with dancers

DANCERS Rebecca Connors, Joelle Garfi, Mary Huling, Shira Kagen-Kaufman, Karen Klein, Erin E. Mayfield, Kathleen (Kai) Sherman

MUSIC Beirut, The Long Island Sound, Scenic World, My Family’s Role in the World Revolution

The piece was inspired by dialogues centering around moments of injustice we witness in our lives. Together, we asked ourselves, what was the moment of change in that situation? How did it shift or resolve?

Struggles For Social Change - Tony Tucker, Tarikh Campbell and Sean Bjerke

CHOREOGRAPHY Tony Tucker (Section 1), Tarikh Campbell (Section 2) and Sean Bjerke (Section 3)

DANCERS Ann Fonte-Abbott, Xiomara Forbez, Edie Clark Hettinger, Eleanor Duckworth, Eliza Mallouk, Risa Masuda, Imani McLaurin, Marcie Mitler, Kathleen (Kai) Sherman, Alonzo Solorzano, Tony Tucker, Ashley Zhang


(1) Max Richter, recomposition of Vivaldi, The Four Seasons (Summer)

(2) Lupe Fiasco, Daydreaming

(3) Lupe Fiasco, Around my Way

This dance is about the daily struggles we go through in order to gain a decent life. We work in overdrive a majority of the time and yet we gain nothing but the bare minimum of what the government has to offer. We can’t be deterred by this but we must push and strive always for the next generation’s sake so that they may have a better future than what we’ve experienced.

“In these days of difficulty, we Americans everywhere must and shall choose the path of social justice…, the path of faith, the path of hope, and the path of love toward our fellow man.” 

—Franklin D. Roosevelt

I Yi - Fernadina Chan

CHOREOGRAPHY Fernadina Chan in collaboration with dancers

DANCERS Olivier Besson, Adriane Brayton, Fernadina Chan, Fedner Dorrelus, Mayra Hernandez,

Mary Ellen Liacos

MUSIC Keith Jarrett, Remorse

易: to change/to exchange

This work explores different aspects of change: from within or influenced by outside forces; translating into space, time and quality. It celebrates the exchange of energy and style among a group of diverse movers. On a personal note, it reflects a change of my approach to choreographing and choice of music. This is also the formal debut of “Continuum Dance Project.”

The Song of Feet - Ruth Benson Levin

CHOREOGRAPHY Ruth Benson Levin

DANCERS Ann Brown Allen, Janet Blackman, Renee Caso, Dianna Daly, Eleanor Duckworth, Ann Fonte-Abbott, Edie Clark Hettinger, Karen Klein, Sarah Klyap, Eliza Mallouk, Imani McLaurin, Marcie Mitler, Cheri Opperman, Marin Orlosky-Randow, Margot Parsons, Kathleen (Kai) Sherman

MUSIC Dan Savell (first 3 sections) and Rod Howell (last section)

For several years I suffered from a painful foot malady from which, I’m pleased to report, I have fully recovered! I offer this dance as a thank you note to the universe for making me better. One of life’s great pleasures is dancing on feet that feel good and putting those feet on a beat.

2014 ATAD Videos by Jim McCalmont.